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Nice to meet you!  I'm Caitlin.  I've spent the last 15 years honing my creativity, leadership, and problem-solving skills as a performing artist and producer. Think of it as running a startup with a new product every 3 months! I bring these same skills to digital marketing and start-up realms to find new solutions to old problems and spot under-utilised connections.

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What The Hack's Story

All What The Hack events work under the assumption that every participant has a relevant view-point no matter their background, experiences, or field of study. 

What The Hack grew out of a desire to provide Hackathon participants with tools to solve problems as well as the enthusiasm to change the world.  


Originally founded by Caitlin Hafer and Sophie Benoit, What The Hack kicked off with HackFastFashion in February of 2020.  When the world shut down just a few weeks later WTH was able to pivot to fully online events, hosting the first completely virtual hackathon in Ireland at the end of March. 


Since then events have run the gamut from cyber security and block-chain to scavenger hunts.  Participants range from local TY students to virtual participants in Africa, Asia, and the US.  

While ever event is different, all are supported by the same philosophy of participant support, openness to new ideas, and a belief that anyone can change the world. 

Why the hedgehog?

What The Hack's new logo is a nod to the idea that we have the power to build our own luck.

By opting to be in the room or creating that room for other people. 


By making our voices heard or making space for others to have their voices heard. 

By sharing our view points and experiences or listening to the experiences and view points of others. 

By building on our passion projects because passion for a project is the fuel that moves us forward. 

We don't need a hedge hog for good luck.  

We have the power to build our own. 

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