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Community Events

Problem solving workshops bring together people interested in an issue to discuss their views, potential solutions, and share experiences.

Depending on your goals we'll work together to develop an event that supports participants, creates a safer, shared space, & focusses energy on specific goals. 

While community events can touch on passionate issues for participants, our discussion structures help to direct that passion into achievable outcomes and better understanding. 



No two communities are the same.  That's why our community events are highly customised to meet participants where they are and help guide them to where they want to go. 

We'll work with you to plan an event that supports your goals and leave participants with the tools and confidence they need to make a difference in the world.

Event Structures

Community events can take a variety of structures.  We'll work with you to determine what structure best matches your needs. 

Previous Community Events

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I'm always happy to discuss your goals and help design an event that meets your needs. 

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