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Traditional Hackathons

These events follow a standardised Hackathon structure, moving from problem analysis to solution presentations. 

Powered by pizza and enthusiasm these events are a tradition

in the start-up ecosystem for a reason!

Event Lengths

Events can be as short as a few hours up to several weeks.  

One day events are a great way to introduce the basic concepts of problem solving and ideation.  They focus on the fun and creativity that come out of the hackathon structure.

Mid length events follow the standard structure of a hackathon.  Events start with team formation, progress to problem solving, ideation, & validation, and wrap-up with pitch presentations in front of a panel of judges.

Long term events give participants the chance to full develop their ideas into usable products that can be launched directly to users or into larger accelerator programs. 

Depending on the length and your goals the outcomes of an

event can vary.

While designing the event we will discuss whether you'd like students to create a complete product, understand a concept, or simply have a good time.  

The flexible structure of What The Hack events ensures that no matter the goal outcome participants leave with skills and understanding applicable to problem solving in the real world. 



Past Hackathon 


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